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Most Popular Learnership Programmes and Jobs for Matriculant

So what is a learnership exactly? A learnership is an organised curriculum, listed with the Department of Labour by the companies with offer the opportunity. 30% of this curriculum covers theoretical aspects while the remaining 70% covers the practical.

A learnership is an opportunity for a matriculant to gain training, experience and a qualification in a profession they may later choose to follow as a career. In South Africa a student who writes and passes "Matric" has completed all the required years of schooling up to and including Grade 12. They can then, depending on their "matric pass", go on to University. It's the basic requirement needed for University. A learnership is more than just workplace experience. If a student isn't sure that they have chosen the right career path a learnership is a way of "testing the waters", so to speak.

A learnership is also a way for employees to improve their skills and knowledge within the company where they work. This makes them more employable and so much more valuable to the company.

While organisations such as Anglo American, Bankseta, Eskom, Kuyasa, Letsema, Transnet, or Sasol offer learnerships, you are more likely, depending again on your matriculation pass, to find opportunities in high-demand fields like the healthcare industry or engineering fields.

Don't wait until you have actually matriculated before you start looking and applying. Remember there are literally thousands of people applying for these learnerships every day. If you are starting your matric year then start looking for a learnership at the same time. If you are already employed find out what learnerships your company offers and start applying for them today. If you aren't accepted for one this year, find out what you could do to improve your selection chances at the next intake. You don't have to wait until there is a learnership being offered in the department you currently work in either. Have a good think about where you would like to work in the company, what would be a good step up in your career for you to take, talk it over with the company's HR Officer - ambition, a desire to better one's self and a willingness to put oneself under a learnership programme are attribute all companies are constantly on the look-out for among their employees.

Here is a list of learnerships or internships that you could explore in more detail on the internet.

  • Sarah Baartman District Municipality Graduate/Internship Programme for 2018
  • 2018 Anglo American Engineering Learnership Programme
  • 2018 One Capital Graduate Internship Program
  • 2018 Association of Accounting Technicians Learnership Program
  • 2018 Investec Private Banking Graduate Internship Program
  • The Engen Learnership Programme 2018/2019
  • 2018 Umgeni Water Apprenticeship and Learnership for Experience
  • Transnet Graduate Internship Program
  • Gauteng Depth Of Health Nursing Training Program 2019
  • 2018 DPSA Graduate Internship Program
  • RCL Foods Graduate Internship Programme May for 2018
  • 2019 Hatch Goba Graduate Internship Program
  • SASOL Tracer Learnership Program for 2018-2019
  • 2018 Vodacom Learnership Program
  • Capacity 1000 IT Training Programme for 2018
  • Sasol Learnership Training 2018

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